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My Experience with Attorney Tia
Overall rating:  Excellent

I have worked with a few Immigration Attorneys and at the time Attorney Smith was recommended to me I was at my wits end regarding my immigration status because my previous Attorneys either didn't know the law or they were withholding information for whatever reason. When I spoke to Attorney Smith, within 3 minutes she had a grasp of my situation and told me I had nothing to worry about. She spoke candidly in plain English and gave me examples of her past cases to ensure me I had nothing to immediately be concerned about. When I met her the next week, the good news just kept on coming. She told me all my avenues of approach to dealing with my situation that I wasn't even aware I was entitled to, or had never been told about. She looked over my paper work and broke down everything my previous attorneys had done as flawed. Again, speaking in plain English, she was able to reassure me with her ridiculous command of immigration law that she makes look so effortless. To date I am still working with her, and really feel like I have more than an Attorney on my side, but some one with extensive inside knowledge of the Immigration process and HOW IT REALLY WORKS vs WHAT IS ON THE IMMIGRATION WEBSITE!!! The fact that I am still here and have been guided in the right direction is the proof! She is passionate about what she does, ALWAYS get's back to you in a timely fashion, respectful of your background story, hyper intelligent, soft spoken, extremely well-mannered and polite. This is a RARE attorney with real human ideals and not a money grabber for hire that will exploit your worried state!!!! Just give her a call and run your case by her and you will see. She saved me from literally worrying myself sick to see that I have more than a fighting change to fairly state my case and even failing that, she gave so many plan B options (that i didn't think were possible) that I am happy with, I have more than total faith that my situation is going to work out. That's all I ever wanted; an attorney who will fight ad be creative when the chips are down. I have that know and wouldn't trade Attorney Smith for anyone. I've already tried anyone before and they failed me...miserably.

                                                                                                                                                                  -  Posted by a Immigration client, 7 months ago

Review for Attorney Tia Smith
Overall rating:   Excellent

I hired Tia 6-12 months ago.
Tia handled my Immigration matter.
I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers.

Attorney Tia Smith handled one of our pastor's immigration case. (R1visa). Attorney Tia Smith did very professional and excellent work.Her hard work paid off the R1 visa approved. She did what most attorneys that have related could not do..and that is before my R1visa expires she personal called me to remained me and offer her professional advice and what to do to renew the visa.

                                                                                                                                                       -  Posted by Festus, a Immigration client, 6 months ago

First-Class Legal Counsel!
Overall rating:  Excellent

After my car accident in 2011, I am sincerely thankful to have found Tia Smith. She was extremely knowledgeable, always accessible, and gave me a tremendous sense of security about my case. Tia Smith did a great job in advising me through the totaling of a vehicle, medical treatment, and fought to make sure the other driver did not get away with hitting me. With grace, confidence, and persistence, Tia won our trial! I recommend Tia Smith to anyone seeking first-class legal counsel!

                                                                                                                                                                                         -  Posted by Antonia, 4 months ago

This Attorney is the one for the job!
Overall rating:  Excellent

Attorney Tia Smith has provided my family with stellar professional services.  The service is very thorough when providing information, being prompt, dependable, professional and always pays attention to detail.  Attorney Tia Smith will go above and beyond to ensure that every possible avenue to achieve the most favored result is known and utilized.  My Family is 100% satisfied having had her representing us as she worked diligently on our behalf and achieved all the results we were seeking.

                                                                                                                                                                                         -  Posted by Heather, 4 months ago

Exceptional Job!!!
Overall rating:  Excellent

Attorney Smith handled the Estate Planning for my uncle and our family, and she did a masterful job. Attorney Smith came highly recommended by a friend of mine and my family and I are very happy with the decision that we made. Planning for death is already a difficult thing to do, and when my uncle actually passed, Attorney Smith had things covered. Our uncle had a lot of property and assets that he had very specific intentions for when he passed. In a time of sadness, the planning for the estatse and proper execution of the will helped the family focus on healing instead of having to focus on the business side of things. Mrs. Smith was great and I would tell anyone looking for legal service to give her a call.


                                                                                                                                                                                           - Posted by a client, 3 months ago

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