F-1 and M-1

Academic institutions in the United States offer great opportunities and resources for students who wish to further their education and training. The intellectual stimulation and social interaction gained by studying in the U.S. can become vital elements of a student's growth and development.

Foreign national students who want to study in the U.S. usually apply for the F-1 visa while vocational students often apply for the M-1 visa. You must apply and be accepted by a USCIS-approved school before applying for either student visa.  In addition, students must provide evidence to the U.S. consulate abroad that they can afford tuition and living expenses. In both instances, visas are allowed for derivative family members to join you in the U.S while completing your respective programs. And F-1 students have the opportunity to work in their field of study before and after graduation while in the United States.  

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