U.S. Citizenship is designated by birth, derivation, or naturalization. For lawful residents, the decision to pursue citizenship is a major decision.  The right to travel and work abroad without losing status, the right to vote in elections, protection from deportation, and the opportunity to petition for other family members, are some of the few rights and privileges that are afforded to citizens.


  • 5 years in permanent resident status, or 3 years (if married to a U.S. citizen)

  • Physical presence and continuity of residence in the U.S.

  • Good moral character  

  • Satisfactory exam results (government, history and civics exam administered by USCIS)

The process of obtaining citizenship can appear deceptively straightforward, especially for those with criminal backgrounds or extensive travel.  Petitioning for citizenship without representation could inadvertently lead to a denial, or worse, being placed in removal proceedings. Daniels & Smith provides sound legal guidance, by ensuring that all initial requirements are met and eligibility issues are fully addressed prior to applying. We represent clients from inception to conclusion of the naturalization process.

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